Attachment to anything in life makes you mentally enslaved. When we detach its not giving up the things in this world, but accepting the fact and to be continuously aware that nothing in this world is permanent.

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I'm an innocent soul, with good intention, spreading and seeking knowledge. Thanks to all for the love and support. (Old Soul) ♾

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  1. This is very true, being free is very much a mental thing as much as a physical thing as well — both need to go together. Being too attached to our phones, technology and material accumulations makes us too dependant and reliant on disposable things that don’t really matter.

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    1. Exactly, very very well said my friend 💯👌. I think many can relate to what you are saying and while it’s not good to hear that you learned this lesson the hard way, I am happy that it seems to have made you into a much better person overall and that’s always the best part 🤗🌹💙.

      I am extremely sorry for replying to you late, I had no idea that you replied to my comment until I visited your website today. Usually, there would be a notification by the system, but there was zero notification 😂😂

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