I Know I Changed

Change is always uncomfortable. Especially when you lived a certain way for such a long time. Whether forced or not once you allow the change to come ,the better the process will be. When we release the what if’s and how this….and let go of attachments ,outcomes worrying and doubt, and being grateful living in the moment, that’s when you realize that you have already accepted the change. Don’t get me wrong, It may not sound as easy as I put it. Yes it can be painful (as it was for me) Everyone is different. I thought I was alone , and so I called on The almighty father( God) for guidance healing support wisdom and most of all God’s love! So, I knew I changed ……

When I was still Able to love, When I was open to forgiveness .When I didn’t seek revenge on anyone .When I started loving myself more When I opened up my heart and life to God.

Published by SocialButterfly79

I'm an innocent soul, From New Jersey, outgoing funny and loveable with good intention, spreading love ❤️ and seeking knowledge. Your opinion means a lot to me. Thanks to you all for the love and support. ♾

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