Sometimes I think my heart is a blessing and a curse. I love too hard too much or whatever you want to call it. My love and my heart has gotten me to face the most painful and hurtful situations. No matter what I’ve been through and all those who have hurt me, I still have space in my heart for them. I still love them as if nothing ever happened. I learned that I can control the hurt and pain, and learn acceptance/ forgiveness. Only you can change how your being treated……..set boundaries . You can love people from a distance. Show them how you would want to be treated by those boundaries. I won’t never allow anyone else to take advantage of my heart, my love and my kindness.

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I'm an innocent soul, From New Jersey, outgoing funny and loveable with good intention, spreading love ❤️ and seeking knowledge. Your opinion means a lot to me. Thanks to you all for the love and support. ♾

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  1. I’m very much the same. My ex husband treated me horribly (and continues to in a lot of ways) but I can see and feel the pain behind his behaviour and it breaks my heart. I couldn’t hurt him but it lays me open to being taken advantage of unfortunately. Being this way is definitely a blessing and a curse!

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  2. I guess to me or us shall I say our lesson was to continue to love and at the same time not allow our love or anyone to break us. Took me years to understand. Some women are afraid to admit it, but hey unfortunately it happens. I’m glad you can relate. Ty for your comment.

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