I wake up everyday trying to be a better person. So if I was great yesterday, then today I’m trying to be greater.

Sometimes I disappear and take a break from the world, not that anyone has done something to me or I’m upset or anything, it’s to recharge my energy , the work we put out can drain our energy. So it’s ok to break free from the world, it can be work, social media or justContinue reading

I tell myself this over and over again, can’t no-one make you happy but you!

This is what may heart looks like…. Still beating but all bruised up. Some how I put all the pieces of my broken heart back together, and I’m still open to love.You can’t love someone fully unless you love yourself first. That’s where the healing begins.

I use to hate the shoes that I walk in ( myself ) until I realize who was standing in those shoes, Myself . I realized, how much I loved the woman standing in those shoes. and so I chose to love her and them shoes.- ( my body ) I except and love whoContinue reading

All The Respect, Love and validation that I expected from people…. I Give to myself!!


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