Me right now, while everyone is sleeping. I’m Feeding my brain. Reading Improves Our memory and strengthens connections in the brain. It’s food for the brain. Late nights when I can’t sleep I read.

No I’m not always Right

I’m most positive that all my blogs are not all accurate, Do I wish they were…. Yes. I’m sharing with what I agree with or think is accurate. I’m still learning. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Believe it or not , I learn something different everyday from all of you.

White represents Purity, virginity, innocence, and birth. The color white reminds us of the righteousness of Christ. He is pure light and pure righteousness. When Jesus washes us clean from sin, He makes us “white as snow” by giving us His righteousness.

I believe that all woman who loves God knows their worth. Woman of God is not fooled by the lies that try to convince her that attractiveness, personal worth, and fulfillment are found in physical, external beauty. The godly woman’s affections are fixed on Christ, her Savior, She knows that she is created in God’sContinue reading

God ……

I will give thanks to you, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds. Psalm 9:1 When you give thanks and praises to the Lord, you invite His glory and presence into your heart and life. I welcome you father. I will continue to praise you. I’m so thankful .Rejoice always,Continue reading “God ……”

God, I love you! I am Devoted to you, I Am Loyal I am worthy. My life belongs to you. I worship you. Til the death of me.

I Know I Changed

Change is always uncomfortable. Especially when you lived a certain way for such a long time. Whether forced or not once you allow the change to come ,the better the process will be. When we release the what if’s and how this….and let go of attachments ,outcomes worrying and doubt, and being grateful living inContinue reading “I Know I Changed”


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