God desires a personal relationship with us

God is always ready to listen anytime you are ready to talk to him. Prayer is simply talking with God. God will always hear our prayers and will answer them if we address Him with faith and real intent. God is equally well able to hear your silent prayer than a prayer out loud. GodContinue reading “God desires a personal relationship with us”

Our World Is Dying……

People are dying from sickness or disease. At least 50,341 new coronavirus infections were reported in the United States on Wednesday, bringing the country’s total confirmed cases to at least 7,549,682 People are dying from the violence and murders. The trend of fatal police shootings in the United States seems to only be increasing. OurContinue reading “Our World Is Dying……”

It’s Ok To Be Wrong Sometimes But……

There are specific moments in our lives when we offend people, we say the wrong thing or make an unwise decision. Whether intentional or not, it is important to recognize when to make the first move towards putting things right! It’s ok to be wrong sometimes, but owning up to your wrongs and taking responsibilityContinue reading “It’s Ok To Be Wrong Sometimes But……”

The Value Of Wisdom

Wisdom is a profound understanding of our existence, the human situation, our possibilities, and especially our limitations. Wisdom is a way of interpreting knowledge by viewing it from a variety of illuminating perspectives and using human values and holistic priorities to make better sense of it. Verses 6-8 describe the benefits of knowing this God. He is theContinue reading “The Value Of Wisdom”

Eternal And Everlasting Life

Eternal ” means “not within any time limit, outside of time and existing without a beginning or end, like spirit”; whereas “everlasting” means “the life which did not always exist but was granted to God and it was forever, running within time, or something similar, which has a beginning but no end. Anyone who doesContinue reading “Eternal And Everlasting Life”

(Autumn) A Beautiful Relaxed Comfortable Season

Autumn is the season after summer, when leaves fall from trees. It’s also the season when the days get shorter and colder, and everything turns brown and drab. Autumn represents the preservation of life and its basic necessities. During this time, animals prepare for the winter by storing food and creating cozy hibernation spaces. Farmers workContinue reading “(Autumn) A Beautiful Relaxed Comfortable Season”

The only way to get what you really want In Life is to let go of what you don’t want. Iyanla Vanzant

If you want to have up-level in your life, you need to let go of the things that do not serve you. That could mean people, emotions or ideas. When you let go, you open yourself up to receive. The road of life is strewn with the bodies of promising people. People who show promise,Continue reading “The only way to get what you really want In Life is to let go of what you don’t want. Iyanla Vanzant”