God’s Creation

God’s intentions for creation were not only to reveal God’s character, but also to: • provide for all that God has made, including natural systems and non-human life needs • provide for human physical needs, including food, water, shelter, clothing and energy In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earthContinue reading “God’s Creation”

Having Passion For God

To Have More Passion for God: Receive and Remember God’s Grace (John 12:1-2) Passion is intense enthusiasm for something, a keen interest in something. So when we say that we have passion for God, we’re stating that we have an intense enthusiasm for God, a keen interest in Him. When we say we are passionateContinue reading “Having Passion For God”

Honoring Our Ancestors

Honoring our Ancestors is the first step in reclaiming out true spiritual heritage, which is knowing the truth of who we are and our higher purpose in life. … Our Ancestors continue to sustain us with their spirit, energy and memory patterns long after they have passed. Our Ancestors, As their culture was carried downContinue reading “Honoring Our Ancestors”

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is known as affection without any limitations, or love without conditions. This term is sometimes associated with other terms such as true altruism or complete love. Unconditional love is the active choice to love someone no matter what may come your way. … Unconditional love means that you love someone regardless of circumstance,Continue reading “Unconditional Love”

Praises to God

Praises brings God into the scene. Praise opens the gates of Heaven and the doors of blessings. Praise dissipates worry and dilutes concern and fear. Praise tarnishes sadness and magnifies goodness. As believers seeking to please God, When we magnify God,we invite His presence into our lives. Praise and worship honors God’s presence. It honorsContinue reading “Praises to God”